OGG PHP class

        Initialy developped by myself between 2007 (v1.0) and 2008 (v1.3g) for a specific project, the class has been "living on its own" for the past few years. As from november 2013, Volodya is taking over and rebooting the development on sourceforge : http://sourceforge.net/projects/ogg-omg-php/ and you should get it from there starting now... If any problem would arise there, you might still get my latest release v1.3g with its old documentation here : ogg.class.zip


v1.0 (August 2007)
First release, based mostly on the File_OGG pear package
http://pear.php.net/package/File_Ogg by David Grant. Added basic Theora support and caching, but kept same structure. This file was included with Itheora v0.9 and later.
Still based on the File_Ogg pear library, but with big structural changes and improved theora support.
Intermediate version, to rewrite entirely the class, with first comment tags rewrite function, first ability to calculate Theora stream duration. This version was never published.
v1.3 (May 2008)
Complete rewritting of the class for performance improvement; now, only 64kb at the beggining and 64kB at the end is sufficient to get all the data. Added support to analyse remote http files (if server supports it). Separation from the Itheora project (which is still using it), new own website and first official documentation.
v1.3e (June 2008)
Added picture extraction if php modules ffmpeg and gd2 are available.
Added CacheUpdate() fonction for user to add his own data to the Streams array and save it inside cache.
Added basic Ogg Skeleton and CMML MetaData handling capability
v1.3f (September 2008)
Corrected a bug for picture size not always accurate.
Corrected a bug for calculating duration with files written as streaming (with VLC, for an example)
Corrected a bug with the picture extraction when caching is disabled or cache was lost and picture is already existing
Added the option UPDATECACHE to force analysing the file again and rewrite the cache file.
Note: If you use also the cortado java applet, you better use the wikimedia forked version, with cmml-skeleton support and less bugs, as it looks like fluemotion has given up since 2006 on developping and updating their applet. See links below.
v1.3g (November 2008)
Corrected a bug in cache handling
.. (November 2013)
Development taken over by Volodya on Sourceforge.net